About me

Solicitor Szyposzyński Kamil graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. In 2002 he defended his thesis at the Cathedral of the administrative procedure before the committee under the chairmanship of Dr. S. Kalina. Since 2013, a member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Koszalin. After completing the legal adviser has successfully passed an examination attorney. In his professional career he gained experience working in a managerial position in the local government unit as well as the legal adviser's office. At this time, going professional development levels, from trainee positions and assistant legal counsel to the position of legal counsel gained valuable professional experience necessary to provide professional legal assistance.

Many years of experience working with clients both individual as well as institutional, allowed him to thoroughly understand the needs and expectations of our customers, for which the competent and professional problem-solving, is as important as speed and efficiency. Always striving to achieve the maximum level of protection of the interests of the client. He has participated in numerous legal proceedings before the ordinary courts and administrative provisions. Specializes in the wider civil rights, including the right of inheritance, labor law, family law and administrative law, with particular reference to the rights of self-government.